Music and Visual Arts learning centre.

Music and Visual Arts learning centre.

Task Description: Design and produce your own learning centre. The centre should combine music and the visual arts equally.
Your submission must be provided as ONE document that includes: ? Important information about the learning centre:
o The title and age or grade level for your learning centre.
o A step-by-step, age-appropriate instructions card for students (for students in the Birth to 4 age group or in Foundation or Year 1 levels, these may be written out as they would be spoken to the student.
o A digital image of your completed learning centre as it would be set up in your teaching space.
? Thinking behind the learning centre:
o A description of the scope and sequence of your learning centre.
o A rationale for your learning centre, including, where appropriate, specific reference to: learning ‘in’ and ‘through’ the arts, authentic arts learning, cultural diversity, learner agency, student-centred learning, and links to general capabilities or cross-curriculum priorities.
? Specific links to curriculum, making and responding:
o The concepts of ‘making’ and ‘responding’ must be included in detail in both Music and Visual Arts, or in a combination such as: Making in Music and responding in Visual Arts, or Responding in Music and Making in Visual Arts (as detailed below).
o If your learning centre is in the F-6 range then you must include reference to: The Australian Curriculum band descriptions, content descriptions and elaborations for Music and Visual Arts, the ‘elements’ of both, and Making (ACANUM, and/or ACAVAM) and Responding ACAMUR and/or ACAVUR ) should be included and linked specifically to your learning centre
o If your learning centre is in the Birth to age 4 range (inclusive) then you must include reference to: The EYLF, the elements of belonging, being and becoming, relevant learning outcomes (selected from 1-5), and each of these should be linked specifically to your learning centre. Refer to the concepts of ‘making’ and ‘responding’ referring to the ‘elements’ of both Music and Visual Arts and linked specifically to your learning centre.
? A reference list.
Notes: A template has been developed to help you complete this task; you may use this if you wish.

Task Length

2400 words.

Assessment Criteria
1. Communication of required information for a learning centre.
2. Communication of a scope and sequence for a learning centre.
3. Application of knowledge about the Arts in education to a learning centre with specific reference to Music and Visual Arts.

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