multiple questions answers

  1. Which of the following best explains why poverty is associated with poorer health and lower life expectancy?

    A. Poor people live in violent, crime-ridden neighborhoods.

    B. Poor people are less likely to care about their health.

    C. Most poor people are both unemployed and addicted to illegal substances.

    D. Poor people can’t afford medical care.


  1. According to your textbook, adolescents

    A. experience a great deal of role strain.

    B. are expected to make major contributions to society.

    C. generally begin dating at around age 17.

    D. will generally look back at the period as the best time of their lives.

  2. Which statement is most consistent with Parson’s sick role concept? A. People suffering illness should seek medical advice if they can afford it.

    B. Employees suffering from a cold aren’t normally expected to show up for work.

    C. As a rule, people aren’t held responsible for their illness or disease.

    D. Husbands must always assume homemaking duties when their wife is ill.

  3. One function of the schools is cultural reproduction, which means A. teaching art and music.

    B. controlling young people and their sex lives.

    C. transmitting culture from one generation to the next.

    D. producing new knowledge.

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