Morae Product Evaluation

Morae Product Evaluation
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cover all the instructor points below, everything please.

make sure to highlight each part.
This assignment continues for assignment 1,2,3 and 4 that did before
Please make sure there is Executive summary and the Methodology( 3 lines).
Assignment instructor:
Morae Product Evaluation
For your final usability analysis, you will be asked to conduct a usability evaluation for the design you created for Assignment 3 (initial prototype). ( attached).

For this stage of the redesign project, please ask at least 3 users to conduct an analysis of your prototype. This will require you to identify 5 tasks to complete and ask the users to complete them based on their interpretation of your design. After each task, it is recommended you ask the user what liked and what they would change. Please employ a usability software such as Morae Recorder.

Based on the user feedback, provide a description of:

o (a) the strength of the design based
o (b) opportunities for improvement (e.g. – When looking at a book that is checked out, terminology uses the term “Unavailable”)
o (c) your recommendations for improvement (ie – Change terminology to clearly state status of the book. Recommendations might include “Checked out” along with expected return date.)

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