Module 5: The Collaborative, Connected Workplace

Module 5: The Collaborative, Connected Workplace

This week, we will focus on ways to work with others when creating documents. Today’s workplace is a dense information environment where communication travels via many streams of electronic media, including Web sites, Web 2.0, and other Web-based technologies. Most of the workplace communications that flow through these media require some type of electronic teamwork.
Learning Outcomes
After completing this module, you should be able to
?    identify the Web 2.0 strategies used in the workplace;
?    identify various communication styles and how they impact communication;
?    explore strategies for effective collaboration on a writing project.
Learning Resources
?    Any new instructor posts in the News and Announcements forum
?    Communication Styles Inventory. Download and complete this tool to capture your patterns of communicating in a team. Reflect on how your experience of working in a team is affected by your own style and the styles of others on the team.
?    The Writer’s Handbook: Conducting Peer Reviews (from Online Technical Writing).

?    Brief Overview of Punctuation (from the OWL at Purdue University)

?    Interview with Jerry Bullard. Jerry Bullard is an award-winning marketing communications writer and consultant. His copywriting projects have been featured in print, on CD-ROM, in commercials on local and regional television, as well as on the Web. He is also a published writer whose articles have been featured in business publications. Jerry is currently helping business clients incorporate social media concepts into their advertising mix. In this twelve-minute interview, he talks about the transformative nature of Web 2.0 for businesses today and the unique challenges and opportunities posed by these new tools.    Google Doc Tutorial URL

Learning Activities

1. Forums
Follow the instructions for both forums posted for this week.

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