model of Analysis

model of Analysis

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Individual Essay (50%)
After you have been on the weekend you will be required to write an essay of no more than 1500 words. Select one model from those discussed on the course and analyse your team?s performance in the context of that model. Your response should only include a brief overview of the model, which should then be used as a framework to structure your analysis. In order to achieve this, draw on two events that your team performed to show how elements of your team?s behaviours (positive or negative) can be understood in the context of the model. Select examples that show how your team members developed over the weekend in relation to those behaviours, relating this learning to the model and what it would predict about future performance.

As part of your analysis, you should consider the effectiveness of the model to help understand teamwork, drawing on your experiences during the weekend and on relevant literature (journal articles or books) on team performance. This might include brief consideration of other models of teamwork which might compliment the explanatory power of this model, or be better alternatives for helping us to understand some aspects of teamwork.

In completing this assignment, you are expected to read relevant literature relating to the model and team performance and cite this material in the text of your paper when presenting your analysis and critical evaluation. You have been provided with a number of references on your course that will be useful and can use the library resources to locate other relevant literature. Failure to do this reading and then make use of it in your analysis will limit your marks. Relevant sources should be cited throughout your work and then appear in your reference list in the appropriate Harvard format.

You should not use the word count to explain the details of the tasks as no marks are awarded for such descriptions. Instead just use the task name or a short sentence to explain the aim of the task in order to give context to the team behaviours you are considering.

You will be marked on the following criteria:

1. Your knowledge and understanding of the chosen model. (20 marks)

2. Your analysis of team behaviours using your chosen examples in the context of the model (25 marks)

3. Your critical evaluation of the model with reference to your two chosen events (25 marks

4. Evidence of reading around the topic and then referring to this to support your written work ? including use of citations to evidence your analysis, arguments and critical evaluation of the model. (20 marks)

5. Essay structure: language, grammar, presentation and accuracy of referencing.(10 marks)

When referring to team members ? do NOT use any names to identify anyone. The deadline for your essay is three weeks on Friday after the week that you attended the course and should be handed in by 3.30pm to Management Reception and electronically through Turnitin/Blackboard So For example if you attended the first weekend (9-11th October) then your essay will be due on Friday 30th October by 3.30pm.

Some suggested texts

? Ashleigh Melanie & Mansi, Angela (2012). ?The psychology of people in organisations? Pearsons, UK
? Meyer, E., Ashleigh M.J., Jones, G.R., & George J.M.,(2007). ?Contemporary Management? McGraw Hill Publishing Co: Maidenhead, UK.
? Bloisi, Wendy, Cook Curtis, and Hunsaker Phillip L. (2006).Management and Organisational behaviour, McGraw Hill.
? Mullins, L.J. (2005). Management and Organisational Behaviour. Prentice Hall. (7th Ed).
? Robbins,S.P (2004) Organisational Behavior (10thth Ed), Prentice Hall Int.
? Belbin, M., Management Teams: Why They Succeed or Fail, (1996), Butterworth Heinemann.
? Journal of Management
? Journal of Organisational Behaviour
? Group & Organisation Management
? Small Group Research

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