Write a program to search the elements of an array ‘dist’ to pick all the elements that are divisible by 5. Print out those elements 5 per line with space between each two numbers into the terminal. The elements of the array are 2-byte long.

Use the partially written program and complete it.

Do not use subroutine. Write the program as one piece.

Assemble, download, and run the program.

Create a Word file to include your source code and the output of the program from the terminal. sample of that is below:
so here is the given and you need to complete the require

The source code I created:


* The program looks at each element of a vector ‘dist’ and prints *

* out the elements that are divisible by 5 in a five elements per *

* line. The elements of the vector ‘dist’ are two-byte long. The *

* last element in the vector is NULL element to signify the *

* termination of the vector. *
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