Midterm Questions

Midterm Questions

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Directions: Please review the following questions carefully and respond to each in a paragraph that is at least 5-7 sentences long. Thus, you will write a total of 6 paragraphs. Please respond to all questions. Write clearly and refer to the texts to support your answers.

• In the short story “A Worn Path,” Phoenix traverses a difficult path to reach her goal of getting to town to buy medicine for her grandson. Then she must return! What do you think the return trip may represent?
• In “The Lottery” Mr. Hutchinson tells his wife to “shut up.” What does this action represent?
• In “The Most Dangerous Game,” Rainsford claims to have “never slept in a better bed” at the end of the story. What does this statement symbolize?
• In “The Lottery” Old Man Warner has survived decades and decades of the ritual. Why? Why do you think he has never been picked?
• “Eveline” contains many important symbols. What does the yellow portrait of the priest hanging in the living room represent?
• What might have happened if Chris Waters send the letter in “How I Met My Husband”?

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