MHC 680E Family Counseling

MHC 680E Family Counseling

Assignment Instructions:

Project Description (15 pages)

Theory of Change Paper (215 points): You will write your own theory based on how you feel people, couples, and families change with the various sections listed below, with a focus on what we are learning in the context of family therapy and counseling.
This paper will give you the opportunity to think very carefully about your own ideas, values, and assumptions and how they could possibly integrate into a theory of your own. You may use ideas as they come up from the readings, but try to be as original or adaptive as possible.
At the end of the course, you will be able to combine the previous weeks’ work into a single paper which fully articulates this personal theory, and will be something you can have to refer to in the future.
**Please use APA style as you would for any other paper, though you won’t need a cover page and abstract until the final submitted paper in Week Seven. PLEASE scroll down all pages to see ALL parts 1-7.

Part One
• Introduction 1-2 paragraphs
• Goals of Family Therapy 2-3 pages
– What are the goals inside the therapy room?
– What are the goals outside the therapy room?
– How do or would you achieve them?

Part Two
• Assessment Strategies and Process of Family Therapy 1-2 pages
– How do you assess?
– What are you assessing for?
– What is your process of therapy?

Part Three
• Assumptions about Family and Change 2-3 pages
– What are the assumptions you have about families/couples/individuals?
– What are your assumptions about change and what is needed for change?

Part Four
• Theoretical Tenets 2-3 pages
– What theoretical tenets do you most associate with and why?
– How do or would you use them in therapy?
– You should use examples

Part Five
• Major Interventions 2-3 pages
– What interventions do or would you use and why?
– Give examples

Part Six
• Person of Therapist – 2 pages
– What are your thoughts and feelings about yourself as a therapist?
– provide strengths and areas of improvement

Part Seven
Combine the previous six weeks mini-papers into one cohesive paper which will be the thorough exploration of your own personal theory on family counseling. You may edit parts, adding or subtracting what you wish based on all that you have learned and thought about in the course. You should use some transitional paragraphs or headings/subheadings so the paper reads with continuity.

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