Metabolic effects of Ginger


A Literature Review aims to provide a detailed account of published theoretical and/or scientific investigations which are relevant to the subject or project being undertaken. It should contain an introduction, aims, hypotheses and methods sections. The introduction should identify the limitations of the literature and/or areas of controversy and assess them critically. It should be adequately referenced with recent and appropriate studies and have a clear and logical flow. The stated aims should clearly relate to the areas outlined in the introduction and the hypotheses should also be clear and valid. Methods are to be summarized clearly and concisely and be appropriate and valid for the stated aims.

I. Introduction: 20%
-Basic of theories in traditional Chinese Medicine & Modern Medicine
-What is metabolism syndromes
-The ginger role in the long history in TCM & relation to manage metabolism syndromes

II. Research Findings & Discussion 70%
-Research finding & analysis

III. Conclusion
IV. References List (also including academic writing & grammar mistakes 10%)

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