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This research essay must analyze an artwork of your choice. It is intended to explore both the formal and historical qualities of the work. It may be something that we have discussed in class, or you may select a work of which you are familiar. MLA guidelines apply. At least three scholarly reference works must be selected, which may include online sources.

Selecting a Work of Art for Research

The best place to do this is by visiting a museum. While there choose a work that appeals to you and that is included in the period covered by this course. It may be Western or Non-Western art.

When you have found something interesting, look at it as a design first. What Visual Elements and Principals of Design does it employ? Why is this design of interest to you? Review the aspects of the work that appealed to you and list them as they occurred to you.

Now, look at the label and find out the name of the artist, the title of the work, and the date of its creation. This information is needed to complete your analysis by discussing the style of the work and how the work represents the culture and time period in which it was created. What has the artist included of a personal viewpoint?

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