Mechanical, Biological, Thermal treatment of Waste(Environmental Science)


Module Learning Outcomes and Key Skills

The following Learning Outcomes and Key Skills will be assessed:

Knowledge and Understanding

a) Recognise the diverse nature of wastes which can be consolidated by composting, anaerobic digestion, and energy from waste technologies (incineration, gasification, and pyrolysis);
b) Demonstrate a detailed knowledge and understanding of the microbiological and biochemical processes involved in the aerobic and anaerobic biostabilisation of wastes;

Subject-specific Skills

e) Review the regulatory framework controlling the bioprocessing and thermal treatments of wastes;
f) Assess the advantages and disadvantages of a range of bioprocessing and thermal treatments from both an environmental and economic viewpoint;
g) Evaluate strategies available to reduce the environmental impact of bioprocessing and thermal treatment facilities;

Key Skills

h) Distinguish facts from values, evidence from opinion and reason logically;
i) Communicate complex ideas clearly and accurately in an appropriate style;

Write a report considering the mechanical and biological (composting and anaerobic digestion) treatment of wastes. In your report consider:

(i) Waste Strategy 2007, legislative and economic drivers associated with the move away from landfill towards biological treatment processes.

(ii) Mechanical separation and size reduction.

(iii) An overview of both the (a) anaerobic digestion and (b) composting processes. This overview should include details of the chemical, biological and physical characteristics of each of these processes. Also include a discussion of the advantages and limitations of each process.

Include a brief introduction and conclusion.

You should include figures and tables to efficiently capture and present information. These need to be appropriately labeled/ referenced and discussed in the text.

Your report should be referenced using the Harvard system in the text and include a full reference list at the end of your report. Include a minimum of 12 references from a range of sources including journal articles. See the following Harvard system referencing guide.

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