meaning of mental health and ill-health.

A critical exploration of the meaning of mental health and ill-health. (In order to address the above, you may select one perspective to critically explore, or, select 2 perspectives to compare and contrast). Explore what mental health is an ill health. Use perspectives like: Bio medical Social Etc Only two. Learning outcomes: LO1- Examines and evaluates various (relevant) perspectives in understanding the concept of mental health and ill-health. LO2- Appraise theory and evidence to demonstrate an understanding of multidisciplinary approaches to meeting mental health needs. LO3 –The essay demonstrates a critical appraisal/understanding of the diverse nature of determinants to mental health and well-being. LO4 – Explores contemporary issues/debate in mental health care, drawing on research, legislation and policy frameworks. Draws on a range of academic sources, throughout the essay. The use of websites is minimal. Correct use of Harvard System of Referencing within the essay script. The Reference list is correctly organized according to the Harvard System and is in alphabetical order according to the first Author’s family name


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