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Write a 2000 word essay on your chosen text. The purpose of the essay is to contextualise the socio-political and historical content of SWK2111 in the life stories of Aboriginal peoples. As you read these works the impact of the social and political history examined in SWK2111 becomes evident in peoples lives. The Essay should be written in a FORMAL ACADEMIC STYLE as outlined in the Effective Writing Academic Tip Sheet. Write in the first or third person do not use headings or dot points, please use paragraph structure. Be clear, precise and concise. You must use in-text and end-text referencing conventions as outlined in the Referencing Academic Tip Sheet and the current ECU Referencing Guide. Use at least 12 academic sources to support your discussion. Provide the full citation of your chosen book at the head of your Essay – this book does not need to be cited in-text except when using direct quotes. Paraphrase and use direct quotes as explained in the ECU Referencing Guide and the Referencing Academic Tip Sheet. Your essay needs to be original work – the normal rules around plagiarism will apply.

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