Matching Therapies

Matching Therapies

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In this module’s assignment you will have the opportunity to explore how your own personal traits match with the two therapies studied. This is important as you begin to determine your own personal counseling style. Different people will match differently with different therapies.

By exploring the therapist’s role, the client’s experience in therapy and the relationship between therapist and client, discuss how both person-centered therapy and Gestalt therapy would compare or contrast to your own personality, personal values and level of comfort as a future counselor.
Be sure to explore your own personality traits such as: outgoing, non-confrontational, humorous, kind, etc. Be sure to use strong critical thinking in exploring those areas that fit for you and those that you might find challenging.
One goal of this assignment is for you to begin to identify how a particular therapy matches with you and to begin to identify a possible counseling style that will work for you.

This discussion essay includes the demonstrated ability to communicate successfully choosing a pro or con position using the Bloom rubric as a guide.

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