Martitime Economics.

You are operations assistant for a dry bulk ship owner, responsible for the commercial operation of the company�s supramax bulk carriers. The company is considering bidding for the annual shipment of coal to Pakistan Steel Terminal at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi.

The tender notice contract invites freight offers (US$ per tonne) for the transport of 850,000 tonnes (�10% CHOPT) of coal to Pakistan Steel IOC Terminal, by shipment size of 50,000t (�10% CHOPT) from three loading ports as follows:
????? Port Gladstone (Australia)
???? Port Newcastle (Australia)
???? Port Roberts Bank (Canada)
450,000 tonnes 200,000 tonnes 200,000 tonnes.
Write a report for the Operations Manager, which includes the following:
TASK 1 (30%)
Calculate the cost per tonne of coal for a round voyage from each load port to the Pakistan Steel Terminal and return, based on shipment size 50,000t plus 10%. Calculate the Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) for each round voyage, assuming CoA freight rate of $25 per tonne from Gladstone and Newcastle and $35 per tonne from Roberts Bank. Determine the maximum ship deadweight on each round voyage and the minimum number of ships required to complete the CoA.
TASK 2 (20%)
Summarise the ship owner�s obligations and liabilities in the �Additional/Rider clauses to the coal charter party/CoA (Volcoa)�, in respect of:
a. Requirements for ships on the CoA.
b. Nominating ships
c. Notice of arrival at the load and discharge ports.
d. Cargo operations in port.

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