We have discussed the different ways that couples choose to form families in modern society. Some forms to consider include intermarriage, gay marriage, polygamy, long-term cohabitation, single-parenting, among others. For this assignment, you are to consider both the benefits of and drawbacks to a particular type of union.
Part 1: Select a type of family union. Provide the basic demographics from the U.S. Census, PEW research center, or other source associated with this type of union. Cite your sources! For example, explain if there are racial, age-related or geographic differences that occur. This section should require 1-2 pages.
Part 2: Are there any arguments that suggest that this type of family formation is not appropriate? Include dated ideas, religious references, as well as outcome data if available. Cite your sources! You do not have to agree with arguments that you put forth. This section should require 1-2 pages.
Part 3: What are the arguments in favor of this type of family? Please note any differences between legal definitions and secular definitions (e.g. should this union be given all of the legal designations of marriage within our society or not?). Cite any types of arguments whether or not you agree with the premise. This section should require 1-2 pages.
Part 4: Which arguments are most convincing? What rights and privileges should be afforded to families of this form? Which rights and privileges should be withheld? This section should require 1-2 pages.

– Describes the demographic makeup of this family form
– Provides argument against this type of family form
– Provides argument in favor of this type of family form
– Provides opinions about this issue
– Cites at least 5 sources
– Uses correct grammar, formatting, and professional writing style and correctly formats citations and Works Cited page

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