marketing utility – Type the one sentence from the scenario that best illustrates the utility.

marketing utility – Type the one sentence from the scenario that best illustrates the utility.

hapter 1 – Directions: In the following scenario, identify the marketing utility that is being illustrated. When doing the assignment, do the following.
Name of marketing utility – Type the one sentence from the scenario that best illustrates the utility.

Joe arrived home and was exhausted from a hard day of work. He decides to order a pizza from Pizza Parlor, sit on the couch, and watch the ball game on TV. Joe likes Pizza Parlor because he can use a credit card to pay for his order when the delivery person arrives with his pizza. He changes clothes and looks through the phone book for the phone number of Pizza Parlor. Joe gets on the phone and calls Pizza Parlor to place an order, Joe tells the order taker that he wants their #12 pizza and add mushrooms to the pizza for an additional ninety-nine cents. The order taker tells Joe the total price for his order that includes the delivery charge is $13.97. Also the order taker tells him of the promotional special Pizza Parlor is running this month. If his pizza is not delivered to him within thirty-five minutes, the delivery charge is free. After hanging the phone up, Joe sits on the couch and turns on the TV to see that the ball game was just beginning. About ten minutes later, the phone rings and Joe gets a little annoyed because it was a critical point in the ball game. He answers the phone while trying to keep his eye on the ball game. An order taker from Pizza Parlor was calling him back to make sure they got his order correct and to tell him his new total is $12.50 since they incorrectly calculated the price for his order. Joe thanks the order taker and rushes back to the couch to watch the ball game. After watching his favorite team score, Joe looks at his watch and notices that it has been thirty minutes since he placed his order and he was getting a little hungry. Just then, the doorbell rings and the delivery person is standing at the front door with a #12 pizza with mushrooms. Joe gets up and goes to the front door. He pays the deliver person with a credit card and hands her a tip. She hands Joe a flier that shows the specials Pizza Parlor was having for the month and a refrigerator magnet that has the Pizza Parlor logo and phone number on it. Joe returns to the couch with his pizza to finish watching the ball game. After eating one slice of pizza, three of Joe’s friends arrive to watch the ball game with him. Joe immediately calls Pizza Parlor and orders one of the specials listed on the flier the delivery person gave him.
Hint: Each marketing utility is used once in the scenario.

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