Marketing Project

Marketing Project

Paper details:

Assessment Task 1: Marketing Project

Scenario or background information

The outcome of this assessment is a market positioning strategy report

regarding a product or service of your company of choice. The product or

service should be either one that is slightly different to that already offered

by the company or a completely new product or service for the company.

To assist with the development of the market positioning strategy,

you will need to identify and use a marketing plan for the company

that provides the product or service. This plan will provide you with

key information such as marketing objectives that you will need

when completing the assessment.

The project work that you complete as part of developing your market

positioning strategy must be written up in report format that includes all the

information as set out in the assessment requirements below.

Your assessor will provide you with a template for the reports and you must

ensure that you use this format.


Part A: Market segmentation

For Part A of this assessment you must develop a market segmentation


1. Include a description of the product or service you have chosen.

2. Broadly describe the market for this product or service, including

market potential.

3. Describe the segmentation criteria that you will use and why you have

chosen these criteria. You should also detail how your choice of

segmentation criteria links to relevant information about segmentation

in the company marketing plan.

4. Document sources of information that you will use for segmenting and

profiling markets. Include references for all the sources of information

that you use; for example, website references and the title and

publishing date of reference sources such as journals or annual


5. Describe each possible market segment for the product or service you

have chosen and in terms of the segmentation criteria that you have

identified for use.

6. Review each of the market segments with regard to whether they

meet the criteria for effective segmentation, e.g. are they measurable,

actionable, etc.

7. Identify new segmentation criteria where you have evaluated that

segments do not meet the criteria for effective segmentation.

8. Identify at least three market segments that you consider have the

most potential based on your research.

Part B: Identification of target market

For Part B of this assessment you must develop a target market report:

1. Describe the total market for the product or service, e.g. total sales,


2. Provide an evaluation of the attractiveness of each of the segments

you have identified, for example, growth rate or profitability, does if fit

with marketing objectives.

3. Describe each of the target markets you have selected in terms of the

segment descriptors.

4. Explain the range of strategies applicable to each segment including

effective advertising or distribution strategies and effective and

suitable targeting strategies.

5. Identify suitable strategies for each segment and in accordance with

strategies in the company marketing plan.

SGA590 Identify the market Workbook

Part C: Consumer profile

For Part C of this assessment you must develop a consumer profile (no

more than 2 pages for each profile) for your target market.

1. Your profile must use standard statistical terms and/or descriptive

terms used in media selection.

2. Outline demographic and/or psychographic descriptions.

3. Include a description of attitudes to the product or service.

Part D: Market positioning

For Part D of this assessment, you must develop a marketing positioning

strategy report:

1. Describe at least 4 positioning strategies that an organisation can

choose to follow and are relevant to your target markets.

2. Identify options for positioning strategies based on marketing

requirements as identified in the company marketing plan and your

selected target markets.

3. Outline a marketing mix based on the positioning of your product or



? Criteria within each section of the report that is Part A – Part D were

satisfactorily addressed. This means that adequate research and

analysis were conducted evidenced by written responses which satisfy

the question or request in each section.

Word Limit: (Approx. 1500 words).

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