Marketing Custom essay

 Question #1 (about 500 words)
The concept of marketing in business has evolved significantly over the last few decades. Define how marketing impacts both a corporation and a consumer. What role does a consumer play in marketing today? What do you think will be marketing’s role in 5−f0 years?Question #2(about 800 words)
Provide an example of a recent marketing campaign that inspired you to apply for the MS in Marketing at USC Marshall. Make sure your answer is short, and that it includes all of the following. Please be as specific as possible.

f. A clear description of the campaign (the company, the business problem the campaign is addressing, how the campaign was executed, etc),
2. Who was the campaign targeting,
3. What you found interestingƒintriguing about the campaign,
4. How this campaign compares against competitors marketing efforts, and
5. What specifically was effective about the campaign?

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