Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis

Each complete marketing analysis will contain the following about Crayola LLC:

1. Company’s corporate name
2. Company’s corporate headquarters
3. Parent company
4. Subsidiaries
5. Mission Statement
6. Core competency
7. Identify major product (s)
8. Identify target market (s)
9. Complete a SWOT analysis
10. Discuss the company’s marketing mix in reference to the 4Ps

Your analysis should include answers to the following questions. Incorporate the material in your analysis. DO NOT address them as a separate section of the paper.

1. What are their market demographics and psychographics?
2. Crayola is in what state of the PLC?
3. How can we define their move from crayon to toys?
4. Does this create a whole new stage of development?
5. Why the move from brand Binney&Smith to Crayola?
6. Does Crayola have brand equity?
7. Why do you think Crayola moved from school supplies to toys?
8. How have their 4Ps changed?

This is not a review or critique of the company’s current marketing program. This is an analysis of the organization and its marketing strategy.

This project is an individual work assignment. Each marketing analysis will be typed.

All marketing analyses are due at the beginning of class on the due date.
No late projects will be accepted.

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