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Using an organisation of your choice, prepare a management consultancy report describing the organisation’s current system of organisational performance management (OPM) and make recommendations for improvement to its OPM system informed by the undernoted ‘Pervasive Characteristics of Organisational Performance Management’.

• High Level Aspirations Expressed as Outputs and Outcomes
• Strategic Business Plan
• Performance Measurement Tools and Techniques
• Targets
• Implementation
• Monitoring
• Measuring Results
• Verification
• Communication
• Review and Evaluation
• Continuous Sensitivity
• Commitment
The following is a checklist for use in the structuring of the report:
Introduction to Case Study Organisation (5%)

Organisational Performance Management and Performance Measurement (Topics 1-3) (5%)
Communicating Performance to Stakeholders (Topics 1-3) (5%)
Risk Management (Topics 4-5) (5%)
Quality Management and Improvement (Topics 4-5) (10%)
Financial Performance (Topics 6-7) (10%)
Customer and Client Perspectives (Topics 8 and 9) (10%)
People Perspectives (HRM) (Topics 10-11) (10%)
Implementation Issues (Topic 12) (5%)

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