managing operations and the supply chains

managing operations and the supply chains
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please stick to the word count and the reference shoul be only in question 2.

Assignment 1 brief 2016
‘Operations management in a Global Supply chain’

Individual Task

This assignment is designed to enable you to show an understanding of how processes, services and products are being brought together within a supply chain to deliver against the desires of cost and customer.

You will need to identify an organisation, its customers along with its order winners and qualifiers.

It will require you to conduct a review of the literature in the subject area of Operations and supply chain management. Specifically, how the purpose of operations management systems support the wider supply chain in delivering supply chain surplus (profit) and customer service.

Following the academic literature, you will be expected for your chosen organisation to identify the aspects of supply chain strategy that are underpinned by Operations Management against the 5 perspectives of Operations management.

Finally identify an area within your chosen organisation, recommending how Operations management could be utilised to deliver greater supply chain cost and service metrics, using the literature and course text to support your arguments.

Within a report format answer the following questions:

1. Establish the scenario for the assignment by selecting an organisation and preparing a description of :

a) The main products and services provided by the organisation
b) Who are the main customers?
c) What are the order qualifiers for the organisation?
d) What are the order winners for the organisation?
(5% of word count)

2. Prepare a review the literature on the subject of Supply Chain Management as a reflection of customer expectations. Critically review and discuss the authors, their views on the subject and their frameworks describing the concepts, applications and benefits available to business in general and appropriate for an organisation similar to the type you have chosen.

(this should determine the main problem which you will talk about)

Consider at least 8 journal articles no older than 5 years
(45% word count)

3. For your chosen organisation identify the supply chain and Operations management elements that exist to support its function against the 5 perspectives of operations management.
(20% word count)

the perspectives are:
1- cost
2- speed
5- dependability

4. Identify a supply chain improvement, (using your literature review and course core text to support) discuss how operations management can deliver either greater customer service or cost benefit to the organisation.
(30%word count)


Your assignment must be word processed and presented in a report format with simple sub-headings. The word count should be 2500 words±10% (tables, diagrams and appendices are excluded from the count). The Assignment report should have a Front Sheet showing your name, your student number, the module name, the module number, the assignment title, the module tutor’s name, the date and the word count.

All assignments will be submitted, graded and fed-back electronically via TURNITIN. Several submissions will be permitted before the Hand-in date in order to enable you to refine the content in your report.

If you click on the “Submit Your Work” button on the Module NILE site you will find an explanation of the Submission and Grading Electronically process there.

The quality of your presentation and academic referencing is very important. Please, use the Harvard Referencing System.

Within your assignment your tutor will be looking for content that addresses the key elements of the assignment brief

Look at the Check list at the end of this brief it shows the subheadings to use and offers a guide as to how the marks will be distributed.
Use the percentages as a guide to how to distribute your word count.
Feedback on assignments in general will be provided to the whole group when marked assignments are returned.
Feedback on assignments for each individual will be provided electronically via TURNITIN.

A student may request an individual appointment to discuss feedback with the tutor by requesting an appointment at the end of a class or by email.

This assignment must be handed in Via the TURNITIN facility on the NILE site no later than 22.02.2016
Planned Assignment Feedback date

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