Managing Multiple Patients/Working with Interdisciplinary Teams

Managing Multiple Patients/Working with Interdisciplinary Teams

Every student (no exceptions) must write 1 paper on the implementation of statistical techniques in a real life problem.   Each paper length should be around two pages and students must select the topic from their current place of work, from their work experience, or from an area of interest.  The selected topic must be a reasonable and appropriate for a typical MBA class. The instructor must approve the topic.

Each paper must reflect an understanding of the concepts and how a technique is implemented in real life, and it should not be an attempt to solve a textbook problem so actual numbers are not important, and no final answer is expected.

The papers are due one week after the subject has been covered in class.  Students are encouraged to submit an early copy to the instructor for comments.  Expect a two day turnaround cycle.

Techniques covered in papers must be selected from the following subjects:
•    The paper covers concepts included in sampling and estimation (required);

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