: Managing Innovation

: Managing Innovation

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Managing Innovation Assessment

You are required to compare and contrast the innovation management of two organisations in the same sector but with headquarters in different countries e.g. Toyota and Tata Motors. You need to compare some of the key aspects of the innovation management of each organisation by utilising appropriate models and frameworks from module materials (e.g. Tidd and Bessant’s (2013) 4 step innovation process – search, select, implement and capture). You should then go on to establish what the respective organisations can learn from one another in terms of innovation management. Finally, you are expected to provide recommendations to improve the innovation management in each of the businesses. Key Points:

1. Individual Work

2. Primary and Secondary Research
You may find the required information on the organisation via primary (i.e. contact someone in each business at a management level) or secondary/desk (i.e. web, journal articles) research. English language sources are preferable, non-English sources are acceptable as long as a translation of the reference is provided. Please ensure that you reference your secondary sources at the end of your work and in the text of your main report.

3. Writing the Report
Write up your work in a report format. Your report should explicitly include all the items listed in the marking schedule below. It should be a minimum of 4000, to adequately answer the question and a maximum 4,500 words in length (excluding references, appendices etc.). Please include the word count on the title page; work that exceeds the word limit will be capped per University regulations.

4. Referencing & Plagiarism

It is essential that you provide appropriate referencing to avoid both the impression of plagiarism or that you are fabricating work. Plagiarism or fabrication can result in substantial penalties. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand how to reference and avoid both fabrication and plagiarism.

Marking Sheet
STUDENT NUMBER/NAME: __________________________________________________
ORGANISATION: ___________________________________________________________
Introduce the two organisations. Identify some of their main innovative end results. 15%
• Compare and contrast the innovation management of the two organisations from your first section. Utilise appropriate models and frameworks from class material (e.g. some episodes from Tidd and Bessant’s innovation process model -search, select, implement and capture and relevant contextual elements). 40%
• On the basis of your analysis, establish what the respective businesses can learn from one another in terms of innovation management. 10%
• Provide recommendations to improve the innovation management in each of the businesses. 10%

Report conclusions
Briefly summarize the report’s main points. 5%

• Easy to follow
• Contents page, page numbers, subsection; easy to read- font, spacing, header/footer (matric. number(s), date)
• 4,500 words – strictly enforced. 10%

• Appropriate use (‘in text’ a must!)
• Consistent style. 10%

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