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For this week’s Dropbox assignment, you will submit Part 1 of the project proposal in a one-page APA formatted paper (excluding the cover page
and reference page).Include:

Part 1: Introduction

1. Summarize the practice issue in need of change providing background information and the perceived significance of the problem
2. Describe the specific aims of the project – what improved outcomes do you hope to achieve
3. State your question in PICOT format, labeling each part with P-I-C-O-T in parentheses
4. Discuss the significance of the issue in terms of poor outcomes, cost, etc.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Briefly summarized the practice issue or problem providing background information and the perceived significance of the problem.
Discussed the aim of the project – what aspect of practice needs improvement.
Described desired outcomes.
Included a question in PICOT format to drive the literature search for evidence.*
Used current APA style guidelines consistently and accurately.

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