Management Development Plan

Management Development Plan
This is an independent assignment. You are to create a management development plan for a future job of interest. To do this, you will begin by evaluating your values, strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you will evaluate the seven professional skills which are part of the MacEwan’s Bachelor of commerce curriculum. You must interview at least one person, and research one specific organization, and one specific job for related information. Based on that, you will develop an action plan.
Submission Instructions
•    A hard copy of your Management Development Plan is to be submitted on the due date (see course outline schedule).
•    Spacing: 1.5 between lines.
•     Font size between 10 and 12 points.
•    Margins of 2.5 cm.
•    Length of 10 pages maximum.
•     APA format.
Format of MDP (max 8-pages in length)
1.    Identification of a Specific Job (1 page max)
•    Identify the specific management job you want to have in 5 – 10 years. Do research to specifically define and explain what is involved in your job. Remember to cite your sources.
2.    Career Alignment (3 pages max)
•    Using the self-assessments from the Robbins Library Self-Assessments on page 35, 77, 82, and 89, develop a thoughtful analysis on your career alignment and the career you’ve chosen to write about.
3.    Strengths and Weaknesses of Interpersonal Skills (3 pages max)
•    -Refer to Table 1.1 on page 4 of TIPS textbook.
•    Identify and explain in detail two specific professional skills you now possess as      strengths and how these are going to contribute to you being successful in this future management job.
•    Identify and explain in detail two specific professional skill weaknesses you will need to improve on in order to be successful in this future management job.
4.    Action Plan (3 pages max, includes Gantt)
-How are you going to get there?
•    Develop clear and specific actions that you are going to do to achieve your management job.
•    Are there credentials, and degrees you need to have along the way to gain experience and expertise for this job. Identify at least three of the professional skills that are essential for being successful in that career.
•    Put specific timelines and milestones to these using a Gantt chart.
5.    Appendix A – Research Interview (1 pages max)
•    Develop a summary of the individuals and organizations you have interviewed/researched including their contact information. Remember to cite personal communication as per APA format.
Evaluation Matrix
Management Development Plan Max Awarded Specific Job 15
Career Alignment 25
Interpersonal Skills – Strengths & Weaknesses 25
Action Plan 25
Appendix A 10
TOTAL (out of 100) 100
TOTAL (out of 10) 10

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