Making money online.

Activity 2: Making money online

1. Select ONE of the following and spend 2-3 hours exploring and experimenting with the idea:
• Build your own store using Tictail or Shopify – choose products, find pictures, build (and potentially launch) a store, explore payments and think about marketing
• Explore Adsense Advertising- signup for Adsense, add the code to a site you run, explore how to drive traffic to your site, understand how to avoid fake clicks
• Explore Affiliate Schemes such as TradeDoubler or Amazon Associates – signup with one of the affiliate schemes, integrate with your site, explore the marketing involved to drive relevant traffic to your site
• Offer a service on Fivver. Explore Fivver or a similar marketplace (99 Designs, CrowdSpring), decide what you will offer, get your first client and perform the task
2. Describe what you did in detail (4-5 steps). Focus on what you did here rather than what results you achieved.
3. Discuss the amount of revenue you would expect to make over the next 12 months explaining how you have arrived at these figures.
4. Describe the marketing, website or advertising activities you will have to undertake to make your money making venture successful.
5. Discuss the costs of these marketing activities in terms of time or money
6. Capture a screenshot that illustrates what you have done for this activity, store that screenshot somewhere publicly online (so that we can access it) and provide a full URL to that here.

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