Major Written Assignment

Major Written Assignment

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?Describe the strategic development of an organisation that operates in the Asian region. In doing so relate the development and strategies of the organisation to the relevant business tradition and culture in which it has developed, the future challenges it faces and the possible solutions to these challenges?

A minimum coverage would include:
– give a brief history of the organisation;
– describe the relevant business traditions of the company;
– define how the relevant business traditions have developed and now operate;
– describe the future challenges the organisation faces; and
– describe the strategies they should follow to meet these challenges successfully.

Please choose one of the organisation listed below that you are to investigate.

List of Organisations in Asia
– Genting Group – K.Wah International Holding Ltd
– SJM Holdings Ltd – Tata Group
– Wanda Group – Sinar Mas Group
– Salim Group – Fosun International
– Central Group (Thai) – Hanjin Group

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