Magic Muffin Case Study

Magic Muffin Case Study
Order Description
Write a report on magic muffin case study. I will attach the documents.
follow the structure as; intro-analysis-evoluation-recommendation-conclusion-reference

1) in the introduction; set the premise/direction
ex: having analyzed the magic muffin case study one could reach the conclusion that business opportunity X is viable. – then tell why?
2)in the analysis; justifications and facts
*give alternative view

*look at the demographics and purchasing power
*market dynamics? consider the whole industry and use some statistics
*interpret the financials
ex: having reviewed the income statement, it is evident that x,y,z..
*bring information related outside the case study

*how attractive you think the opportunity is now in the case study?
ex: whether you think it would be a better opportunity in different location?

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