Madeline Leininger Theory Custom Essay

Topic: Madeline Leininger Theory

you begin your literature search on the theorist and provide a brief overview of the theorist’s background. You could also complete a 1-page summary for each of the five articles related to the theory and theorist, the top of the page should have the complete reference in APA format.

The packet of materials included a detailed outline of the presentation and a one-page summary of each of five relevant articles on or about the theory. 8
The selected articles reflected research into the historical perspective of the theory. 6
Selection of the articles reflected breadth of research into the theory and its utilization and evaluation. 6
Summary was articulate and included the entire article. 6
Summary clearly described the author’s perspective. 6
Editorial/personal response demonstrated critical thinking. 6
Articles included primary, secondary, and research sources. 6
The overview of the background of the theorist demonstrated critical thinking

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