M1 Discussion: Changes to Transition

M1 Discussion: Changes to Transition
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This is a Masters of Special Education Transition Education and Services course.

Please look at the uploaded word document for more specific assignment, instructions/requirements. All assigned readings, presentations, and optional readings will be uploaded for you to complete this assignment.

M1 Discussion: Changes to Transition


For this discussion, please respond to the following question.

1. How has transition changed over the past three decades? Where do you think transition is headed in the future? What type of challenges have you encountered when working with students with disabilities who are culturally diverse? What are some implications for transition personnel regarding these challenges?

*Use your previous knowledge, experiences, and this week’s readings and presentations (video are uploaded) to respond.

Readings for This Week:

The readings for this week are listed below and uploaded:

• Sitlington, P., Neubert, D. A., & Clark, G. (2010). Transition education and services for adolescents with disabilities (5th ed.) (pp. 27-54). Boston: Pearson: Allyn & Bacon.

• Leake, D., & Black, R. (2005). Essential tools improving secondary education and transition for youth with disabilities: Cultural and linguistic diversity implications for transition personnel. Minneapolis, MN: National Center on Secondary Education and Transition.

Optional Readings:

• Will, M. C., & United States. (1984). OSERS programming for the transition of youth with disabilities: Bridges from school to working life.Washington, DC: Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.

• Kohler, P. D., & Field, S. (2003). Transition-focused education: Foundation for the future. The Journal of Special Education, 37(3), 174-183.

• Williams, B. & Wood, M. (1997). Building on urban learners’ experiences. The Changing Lives of Children, 54(7), 29-32.

• Ford, D. Y., & Kea, C. D. (2009). Creating culturally responsive instruction: For students’ and teachers’ sakes. Focus on Exceptional Children, 41(9).

Course Overview:

– The purpose of this course is to provide a background in career development and transition education for persons with disabilities from middle school through adulthood. Emphasis is placed on Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requirements for transition services, career development and transition processes, transition services assessment, secondary special education curricular implications, career development and transition service needs, collaborative services in schools and communities to promote quality transition services, and issues and trends in transition education and services. Students will review literature related to best practices in transition, evaluate their school system based on these practices, and have the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the content through a combination of homework, quizzes, online discussion boards, and a running project.

– In this first module, students will gain an understanding of the history and foundation of transition services. After reading this weeks course readings, students will discuss how the readings and lecture relate to their own experiences.

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