low-wage workers

low-wage workers

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Instructions: Respond to the topic below in a ten (10) page typed analysis. You must compose your analysis in formal essay format (i.e. third person, developed introduction, thesis located at the end of the introduction, developed supporting points, analysis, evidence/support, quotations, documentation of sources/MLA format, conclusion, and a works cited page). Your works cited page is in addition to the page requirement. It will be page number eleven. Topic: Analyze the causes and effects of the current condition of low-wage workers/low-wage employment in the United States. You are to use Barbara Ehrenreich’s text Nickel and Dimed as the background for your essay (Yes, you will need to quote this text.), and you are to further explore, analyze, and discuss the issues (the causes and effects of low-wage employment) that Ehrenreich raises in this text, providing your own original insight based on your research of this subject. Although you must refer to Nickel and Dimed, it is not the focus of your essay; it is only to provide a backdrop for the different supporting points of your analysis. In your analysis, you must include an original socio-economic plan that provides solutions to improve the condition of low-wage workers. Please use current research/data from at least seven (7) sources (only four sources can be Internet sources) to support your analysis and socio-economic plan. Remember, you are analyzing the causes and effects of low-wage employment in today’s society and their impact on the low-wage worker and society as a whole. Format: Original Title Margins: 1” from top, bottom, and sides Font: Times New Roman (Size 12) Numbered Pages

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