Logistics Plan of Action

Assignment 1 Component 1C – Humanitarian Logistics Assignment

This is a written assignment that is based on the following humanitarian/natural disaster scenario. It is an exercise aimed at developing an understanding in the considerations required when managing and coordinating a humanitarian logistics operation.



The date today is 24 Jan 2016. You are the Logistics Coordinator for Red Cross Australia. You are based in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. Rockhampton is a city of 74,000 residents, located approximately 600km north of Brisbane. Yeppoon is a coastal town of 16,000. It is located 42km from Rockhampton. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Tropical Cyclone Macy is forecast to hit the Yeppoon on Australia Day, 26 Jan 2016, at 0340 hours. Tropical Cyclone Macy is predicted to make landfall with a strength and intensity that is comparable to Tropical Cyclone Marcia, if not greater. Tropical Cyclone Marcia hit the Rockhampton area as a Category 3 system back in Feb 2015.


Overview of task:

As the Logistics Coordinator, your job responsibilities include the following:


  • Participate in field-level planning formulation in the area of logistics.
  • Determine the needs assessment, the total number of relief items required for the affected region.
  • Identify and contract suitable transport operators to move relief supplies to the affected region.
  • Manage local emergency stockpile of supplies to ensure rapid delivery of emergency supplies to affected people.


You have been assigned to put together a Logistics Plan of Action for the Yeppoon, including all inland towns and villages within 25km of Yeppoon. You are not required to cover the Rockhampton area. The following emergency resources and assets are available to you in the Yeppoon region. All Red Cross resources and assets in and around the Rockhampton are not available to you. As such, you will need to access alternative commercial and civilian facilities and assets locally.


At the local Yeppoon council depot, stockpiles of the following are available for immediate use.


  • food (sufficient for 2 days for 200 persons);
  • safe drinking water (2000 litres); • shelter (5 units of 10-person tents);
  • essential items, such as blankets, clean water containers (enough for 100 persons);
  • medical care (medical supplies for 2 days); 5
  • sanitation facilities (5 portable toilets)
  • 200 litres of diesel.


In Yeppoon, the following council assets/facilities are made available to you at no additional cost


. • A 1500 sqm warehouse, located 1km away from Yeppoon town centre. • 2 units of 4×4 Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks, located in Yeppoon.

  • 1 unit of Ford Falcon station wagon, also located in Yeppoon.


All other supplies are to be sourced from Rockhampton and Brisbane.


You are fortunate that you will be able to rent a limited number of commercial vehicles from Hertz Trucks, Buses and 4WDs in Rockhampton. You will also have access to rent up to 3 units of 20ft refrigerated containers (reefers) at the cost of $200 a day, from a local supermarket in Yeppoon.


Within the first 24-48 hours, all main roadswithin and out of Yeppoon are presumed to be inaccessible to normal traffic due to flooding and landslips. The main roads may be accessed by heavy duty 4×4 and 6×6 trucks during daylight hours, but often at speeds of less than 20km/h due to extensive flooding and damaged road foundation. From day 3 onwards, the roads may be accessed by light duty 4×4 pick-up trucks.


All port facilities in the Rockhampton and Yeppoon are not expected to be functional for at least 2 weeks. The main runway at the closest major airport, Rockhampton Airport, is expected to be flooded, and thus will be out of action for at least a week. Only rotary winged aircrafts (helicopters) may be used until the runway is operational. Pending full inspection and repair of broken powerlines and plants, all electrical and gas-powered plants are expected to be unavailable for the first week.



Your task is to put together a Logistics Plan of Action for the residents of Yeppoon and surrounds for the first week after Tropical Cyclone Macy is expected to hit, i.e. from 26 Jan 2016 until 1 Feb 2016. You have been given a budget of $250,000 for this operation.


The Logistics Plan of Action is a 1800-2000 word document that contains the following items.


  1. A 100-word abstract.
  2. An overview of the current situation – name of operation, planning assumptions, important gaps, bottlenecks and challenges.
  3. Mission Priorities – key objectives, strategies and tactics for achieving objectives. For the priorities, state clearly the specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based metrics.
  4. A mapped overview of logistics – supply corridors, warehouse locations, transport hubs and estimate travel times between key locations. 5. Procurement plan – what supplies to purchase, quantities required, weight.
  5. Transport plan – what vehicular assets to hire, fuel plan, capacities, range of vehicles, and location of fuel supplies.
  6. Budget – an itemized breakdown of all planned expenditures.


State the wordcount at the beginning of the document. Use Harvard style referencing. Cite high quality information sources only.


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