Livingstone-Stallard v Livingstone-Stallard Custom Essay

Livingstone-Stallard v Livingstone-Stallard Custom Essay


Skills Coursework   Academic Year 2015- 2016   Case Study: Livingstone-Stallard v Livingstone-Stallard [1974] 2   All ER 766
1.) Describe the process that you went through in order to locate the case.
2.) How would you find other cases which cite this case?
3.) Give the full names and citations of 3 of these related cases.
4.) Who was the Petitioner?
5.) What were the facts of the case?
6.) What did the husband claim?
7.) The case is centered around the interpretation of s1(2)(b)Matrimonial Causes Act 1973-what did the husband’s counsel argue was the meaning of this subsection?
8.) Name the judge who heard the case.
9.) How did the judge interpret the meaning of s1(2)(b) Matrimonial Causes Act 1973? 10)
10.) What was the outcome of the case?
Instructions to Students:
1. Please ensure that the pages of your assignment are stapled if necessary & consecutively numbered.
2) Number and answer each question individually.
3.) Your work should be presented using the Oxford referencing system (OSCOLA). A copy is available on the Wolf topic for this module.
4). Please state accurately the number of words used in your assignment. The word limit for this assignment (excluding footnotes and the bibliography) is 1,200 words. If you exceed the word limit you will be penalized.
5)  You are reminded that your assignment must be your own work and that any quotations from both published and unpublished sources must be properly acknowledged with quotation marks, references or appropriate citation.
6.) Footnotes must not be used to introduce material that should be in the main text.
7). You must include a bibliography in correct form.


Dear Writer Many thanks for choosing to write my coursework. However I have uploaded the attachment that was provided by my lecturer in regards to my coursework, its exactly the same that I inserted as part of my order description. I hope it will be more clear to you. However do you have access to Westlaw and Lexis library, to you to allocate the case study you will need access to the law database? Please let me know if you require further assistance, and ensure that the writing style is in UK style and not US style. Many thanks

Livingstone-Stallard v Livingstone-Stallard

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