litereture review in oral mucositis in cancer patient

Literature review from five academic journal articles. Question is posted below

The purpose of this assessment is to facilitate your professional development by encouraging you to research and critique current literature. This type of assessment reinforces the need to use current literature, research and benchmarks to inform your clinical practice.
You are required to research one clinical issue from within the context of professional practice in cancer nursing subject which is current and relevant to your clinical practice. (The topic that you choose must be focused and specific rather than broad and generic). Review the literature on the specific topic you have identified and choose a minimum of five professional journal articles that are current and relevant.
In your review please include the following:-
• a brief introduction and summary of the purpose of your literature review
• the common themes that emerged from the critique of these articles
• critical analysis of the research and perspectives of each article including a discussion of the similarities and differences
• critical evaluation of the conclusions and recommendations within the literature and their relevance to your clinical practice
literature search on five academic journal articles the 5 articles and then need to critically review each article – type of research; strengths / weaknesses etc. Then use these 5 articles to discuss your research question. Does this change or conflict with present practice (or your practice)? Will you do anything with this new knowledge? Would you then share this with work colleagues; update a procedure / policy locally etc.
Grading criteria

Based on E.3.1 Marking Rubric – Literature Review V2 JANUARY 2014. For the PDF version of this rubric, please click here.


The student is able to present a clear research focus, background information and rationale for review

Maximum mark


The student has chosen appropriate research articles, identified the main methodologies and research techniques

Maximum mark


The student is able to understand and interpret the clinical and scholarly significance of the research literature

Maximum mark


The student presents a synopsis of the research findings, recommendations, and significance to nursing theory/practice

Maximum mark


Is in accordance with ACN guidelines

Maximum mark


Is consistent with ACN referencing guidelines


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