Literature Review: Bergmann IX Synthesizing and Lit Review

Literature Review: Bergmann IX Synthesizing and Lit Review

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Using the information from Chapter 6 in Bergmann and the class discussions, write a 5 page literature review using 8 primary sources that may be useful in supporting your final research paper.
Writing the Short Literature Review
 Should include the importance of investigating the topic.  A brief description of your search strategy (specific databases used, search terms used)  Your thesis, claim, or reason for investigating the topic
Major sections of the paper
 A discussion of the key points in your articles that support your thesis, claim, or purpose  A synthesis of these ideas centering on the categories you found within the articles  As discussed in class, rather than present one article and then the next article, try to
organize the paper so that articles are reviewed within the framework of the categories
 Summarize what you found out about your topic  Discuss how the review can be expanded or how you would move into the research paper with the information you found (since the research paper will take the form of an argument you might want to discuss any controversial topics you came across in the articles) References

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