Lesson plan essay

Lesson plan essay

Name: Lesson plan with 1200 words essay
Summary: Design a skills-based lesson plan for a group of learners and justify the choices you have made in an essay
This task is the opportunity for you to showcase your developing skills and understandings of TESOL methodologies by developing an integrated skills lesson plan for a specific group of learners. The lesson is skills-based, which means that the lesson aims to practise a specific skill/sub-skills. In this task you will plan one 2-hour lesson for a specific group of learners. Write a 1200-word essay outlining the rationale for your planning decisions and explaining how the lesson plan will support the students’ language learning.
The overall lesson plan document you submit should include:
• A brief profile of the learner group, highlighting any student characteristics which need to be taken into account when designing your lesson.
An outline of any factors which need to be considered either in relation to the immediate context (where the lesson will take place) or the target context (the future context in which the students will be using the English they are learning).
• The detailed lesson plan, which should include:
o the aims and objectives/outcomes
o the teaching and learning activities in sequence,
o the classroom configurations at each stage,
o texts used,
o activities and tasks,
o what structure/ genre/ vocabulary etc will be the focus,
o and timings.
• An indication of where assessment and evaluation procedures might be included within the lesson.
• Any other points you feel you would like to include to help the marker understand how the lesson is organised and how it would work.
• It is intended that the lesson plan should be a practical, useable document which you might be able to implement at some stage (for example, during the Practicum).
In the essay, you will need to provide a rationale for the lesson plan. You should discuss such aspects as:
• why you designed it the way you did (refer to the specific learner group too);
• why you selected certain exercises and activities, and perhaps even why you decided not to include certain exercises and activities;
• how you see the various components relating to each other; and
• how the lesson plan was informed by your views of language learning.
To substantiate the points you are making, you will need to demonstrate that you have undertaken reading in the area, including the weekly readings as well as your own external reading of journals and books. Remember to use APA referencing in your text and to include a reference list at the end.

Note: our textbook( The practice of English language teaching ),Jeremy Harmer
Related Reading ( weekly reading ) important

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