Lee Miller’s war photography effecting avantgarde

Lee Miller’s war photography effecting avantgarde

Research paper should be 8-10 pages in length.
Typed with numbered pages
12 point Times New Roman font
Double spaced
1? margins
Written in Chicago Style
At least 7 cited sources (see requirements below)
At least one image (though probably more), placed at the end of your paper, between last page of text and the bibliography.

For this assignment students are required to conduct research on an art historical topic of their choice. Research may be developed from a paper that you have prepared earlier for another art history class, but the final paper will include expanded research and the incorporation of theories and methodologies discussed in class. This paper should not be a broad investigation of the biography of an artist, entire artistic movements, or major influences in art over large spans of time. Instead, this paper should combine elements of Formal Analysis and research sourcing from both primary and secondary sources in an attempt to prove a specific, concise, and debatable thesis statement. Think of your thesis as a point you wish to prove, an argument, a controlling idea, and a claim that you will be making. When devising ideas for your thesis, formulate a question that you will try to answer (e.g., ?In what ways did Japanese art influence Whistler?? or ?Is there a pattern of development in Vincent Van Gogh?s self-portraits?? or ?How did 19th century studies in color theory and optics influence Seurat?? and so on.)

This checklist from Sylvan Barnet?s A Short Guide to Writing About Art should help you devise a successful thesis statement:

Does the sentence make a claim rather than merely offering a description?
Is the claim arguable rather than self-evident, universally accepted, and of little interest?
Can evidence be adduced to support the claim?
Is the claim narrow enough to be convincingly supported in a paper written within the allotted time and of the assigned length?
To support your thesis statement, you will need to conduct research, using at least five sources.

Requirements for sources are as follows:

You must have at least three different types of sources.
At least two of your sources must come from readings discussed in class.
At least two sources must come from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal found through the JSTOR or Project Muse databases available on RMCAD?s library web page (or an acceptable substitute online database – permission from instructor required).
At least one source must date to no earlier than 2006.
For online sources, only cited reputable websites will be accepted. Wikipedia may NOT be used. Oxford Art Online and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy are acceptable substitutions.
All references to outside sources MUST be cited within your paper using the Chicago Manual of Style; MLA, APA, or any other type of formatting will not be accepted. The RMCAD CMS manual will be an important resource when writing and citing your paper.

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