Learning Journal

The Action Learning Journal Assignment is to be completed by each individual, and should contain one’s own thoughts and examples. The journal entries will be made at key points throughout the semester. The length of each journal entry should be the equivalent of one-half to one page of single-spacedtext in a Word document. The journal entries will enable you to reflect on:
• The knowledge, skills and experience you bring to the course
• What benefit you can derive from the course
• How you apply and extend your knowledge, skills, and experience during the semester
• What challenges you face and overcome during the semester
• What actions you take to create a positive experience for your team members, including you
• Your contributions to the project and how that relates to providing value to your client’s organization
Each journal entry is due by 11:59 PM on the date specified below. Your team’s coach will review your journal entries for relevance. Your journal entries should reflect good business writing techniques, such as correct grammar, spelling, and capitalization. For each entry, be sure to answer the questions posed for that date (see below).
Entry 1 (due1/22):
• What are the key factors for a successful project? How can you contribute to the success of your team (consider your knowledge, skills, and previous experience)?
• Given your present knowledge about the Action Learning course, identify 3 – 5 personal learning objectives that you would like to fulfill during the semester. What are the primary ways you will pursue fulfilling your personal learning objectives?
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