The more we learn about culture, the greater our understanding of the future of global consumerism in fashion. custom essay must include evidence of academic research in the form of a bibliography with intext

references(using Harvard
referencing) from at least three academic texts to support your argument. [Jeatt,M(2011)’the future of fashion’ in Jackson and
Shaw,(2012)the fashion handbook] [popcorn,F(1991)the popcorn report New York:Harper Business] [Raymond,M(2003).the
tomorrow people.1st ed. London:FT prentice hall] [Baudrillard,J(1998) Consumer society:Myths and structures.
London:sage.]. 2. I want to use the cross dressing culture (Leigh Bowery) or gender fluid as a starter(point) and mention the
trend in the fashion week.


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