Lean You!

Lean You!

Order Description
Description outlining the creativity and innovation elements: the lean philosophy is an approach to eliminate
waste in order to add more value. We want to apply the concept to the personal life. Develop a poster or a
brochure to represent a smart roadmap to becoming a lean person. A lean person is the one with a sharp,
efficient, professionally simple, and bright personality. Tweak the lean concepts to become usable in everyday life
issues as a self-improvement helper. Present your roadmap in the most attractive, interesting, presentable, and
lean format. Be creative and develop an informative poster, booklet, computer animation, mobile app, etc., with
logical contents. Be artistic, be interesting, think outside the box, but always think of how to be a lean person
then tell other how to be lean.
( 1 page describe what we do and goals from map)+ map

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