Leadership Challenges and Opportunities

Choose two issues or challenges that face leaders today. For example, consider the challenges faced by many leaders of firms that have been forced to downsize lately. How do leaders continue to engage their employees in the face of layoffs and bad financial news? Alternatively, consider how organizations must deal with the “offshoring” of jobs. What are the challenges of leading teams overseas while keeping morale high in the United States?


Find at least two articles (other than those in your readings) that discuss the issues you have chosen. Reviewing top news sites and publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, and USA Today are good places to start.


In 1,000–1,250 words, write an essay in which you address the following:


  1. Discuss how servant leadership can help address your chosen issues or challenges.
  1. Discuss at least one other popular contemporary model of leadership (e.g., situational leadership, competency-based leadership, spiritual leadership, or visionary leadership) and how it might address the issues presented.
  1. Identify how a leader’s attitudes impact their ability to effectively address these issues. How might a servant leader’s attitude differ from others?

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