Topic: Moral disengagement of faculty and academic freedom. Provide a deep dive into it as presented by Johnson and represented in assigned readings. This deep dive will require identification of key tenants associated with the perspective and critical analysis of current scholarly articles. In a critical analysis of current scholarly articles, the articles should include empirical research on applications of the perspective and be not solely conceptual papers.
The paper must address Ethics: values and decision making. Model, design, and implement scholar-practitioner practices and processes to develop ethical leadership in organizational, community, or institutional contexts.
Regardless of the particular focus, the in-depth paper should involve a synthesis of the conceptual and theoretical literature on a key concept from the course (a “deep dive” into the topic) from which you should be able to draw some conclusions. The paper should have an additional sixth content item: identify how Ethics: values and decision making, may inform leadership model and design in the body of the paper.

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