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A typewritten 8-10 page paper is required. Topics can include but are not limited to: Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, Types of Crimes (drugs, violent, sex, etc), Courts (federal, state, etc), Evidence (disclosing, suppressing, etc), Appellate and Juvenile Courts.
The paper must: be double-spaced use 1.25 inch margins use Times New Roman, 12 point type
It should include:
a title page an introduction a body of paragraphs with subheadings a conclusion a reference page with 10 to 15 cited works
Of the total works cited, half should be from academic journals or books published by an academic press. Works cited and the references should be in APA format (details of the APA format can be found at
*The title page and the reference page do not count toward the 8-10 page requirement.

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