Landing Gear RC Airplane

Landing Gear RC Airplane

This is an individual assignment; each student is required to turn in there own document. Please make the document file name like “ME_441_smith_assigment_9.doc”. Please make your document look professional despite the fact the grade will be based on technical content, detail and clarity. Please refer to the “Writing issues for Engineers” document on the class web page and use it as a checklist. I will use the table on the next page as the based for grading in addition to the “writing issues document”.
For this assignment you are being asked to preform an engineering analysis of some aspect of your subsystem to show that your design meets your design requirements. Please use SolidWork or any other software where appropriate to analyze the stresses or anything else in a subsystem of your design.
Focus on using analysis to should that your design meets objective stated as a collection of specific engineering requirements and constraints. This means specific numbers rather then “must be strong enough” or “must be light”.
The analysis could be: 1) Stress and deformation in the landing gear during a hard landing 2) Optimizing the design of the wing spar to maintain peak stresses under a failure stress in flight carrying the full design payload 3) Power system optimization and optimal prop, battery, motor,… selection, scrutiny of flight time. 4) Stability analysis of tail design 5) Stress and drag optimization in fuselage 6) Aerodynamics of wing on take-off and in steady flight Please write an interpretation of the results. • Be sure your work is distinct from the work of others in your group.
ME 441 Assignment 9 2
• Paper should include clear statements that explain what the problems you are working on are. • Select substantial parts, aspects or subsystems of your team’s plane and analyze them. • Only discuss completed work. • Establish the point of your work in the first paragraph. • Show how this subsystem will be incorporated into your team’s plane. • Explain engineering decision making, why is it the way you designed it. • Please add detail to the document so that it is about 1000 words. • Be specific, use numbers and engineering language to convey complex thinking. • Skip the obvious. • Skip the generic, only discuss your design, do not include general theory or discussion of common components. • Don’t spend time making detailed drawings of components you didn’t design or items that you purchased. – Please don’t use generic references. For example “Anderson1 discusses wing design.” Instead use reference to deriving general expressions or explaining general theory. For example “The equation used here to predict lift is derived by Anderson1”. – Please avoid reliance on popular references. – You need to have the references you cite in your position. – You should test the links for on-line reference. Be sure the links bring the reader to the specific information you are using rather then a homepage or to a generic site that is generally related to you work. It is not the reads job to “figure it out”. – The citations must be incorporated into the text of you document and relate to specific information you need to design your system. – The references must be relevant to specific aspects of the project you are working on for this assignment. • You should have three relevant Solid Works figures with captions that help the reader understand your part of the plane design. Other figures can be sketches, photos, Matlab plots, block diagrams or drawings. • Don’t include software or code into your document. • You must use specific objectives rather then relative objective (see examples below)
Grading Checklist score Out of 1 Title page and subsection information, followed all points in the writing document. Selected something substantial to work on. 1 2 Only discussed completed work. Describe how this subsystem will be incorporated into overall system 1 3 Explained results in technical terms 1 4 Figures are understandable with captions and cited in the body of the text 1 5 Clearly communicated complex ideas with SolidWorks drawings and text 1 6 Analysis that shows subsystem meets requirements 5 total
ME 441 Assignment 9 3
Examples of relative and specific objectives Relative objective are statements that are not quantified. For example “we will improve the turning radius” “we will make the instrument louder”, “we will make a robust structure”. Specific objectives have tangible, measureable criteria associated with them. For example “Reduce the turning radius from 20 ft to 15ft”, “increase the sound pressure radiated to the far field by 6 dB”. I realize that in some cases you don’t have precise numbers but I need you to start acquiring and using specific information.

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