Lab Exercise of ATMS (Atmospheric Science) Essay Dissertation Help

This is a Lab exercise consisting of eight questions, and you don’t need to find any outside sources at all.

There are 8 problems in total, and they have different instructions:
#1: Follow the instruction on the worksheet
#2a,2b,2c: convert the quantities and make sure to show your steps
#3: Make sure to show your steps
#4a: Use the data to answer to question and make sure to show your steps
#4b: show your steps and make a conclusion in few sentences
#5a,5b: include an explanation in your answers
#6a,6b,6c: draw the lines by following the instructions and attach the pics to a doc (it will be better if you can print out the page and draw, then scan the page to the doc after drawing)
#7: follow the instructions on the paper
#8: follow the instructions on the paper

This is a link for you to draw isobar if you don’t know how.

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