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essay question:
What was the relationship between popular anti-Semitic action and Nazi policy around the time of the Kristallnacht? Discuss with particular reference to Samuel Honaker’s despatches and the transcript of the discussion of the aftermath of the Kristallnacht that Herman Goering chaired on 12 November 1938.

Primary Sources:
‘Stenographic Report for a Portion of the Meeting on the Jewish Question under the Chairmanship of Field Marshall Goering at the Reich Aviation Ministry on November 12, 1938, at 11 o’clock’. English translation available at

Samuel Honaker, American consul at Stuttgart, despatches of 12 and 15 November 1938). Available at:

Starting Points for Further Reading

Uta Gerhardt and Thomas Karlau, eds., The Night of Broken Glass: Eyewitness Accounts of Kristallnacht, trans. Robet Simmons and Nick Somers (Cambridge, 2012).

Alan E. Steinweis, Kristallnacht 1938 (Cambridge, Mass., 2009).

Martin Gilbert, Kristallnacht: Prelude to Destruction (New York, 2006).
Stefan Kley, ‘Hitler and the Pogrom of November 9-10, 1938’,Yad Vashem Studies, 28 (2000): 87-112.

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