Knowledge Management Application Project

Knowledge Management Application Project

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You will study a public entity in the Government of Sharjah or a Ministry/Department in the Federal Government of the UAE to examine how knowledge management (KM) principles, processes and strategies are followed in the structure and functions of the study organization.

In this assignment, SEWA (Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority) will be the organization of the study.


Qualitative research tools such as interview with senior management and focus group discussion with mid-level and junior officers are suggested. These two tools will be befitting to your research.

The complete script of the interview with Dr. Rashid Al Leem, the chairman of SEWA is provided for you.


Contrast and discuss genuine case studies and examples from the public sector to explain the interplay dynamics among the different components of KM systems and show good and poor applications of KM and can understand how to adopt the good practices.

Demonstrate knowledge about how to analyse and disseminate tacit and explicit knowledge and the impact of these processes on organisational learning and knowledge transfer practices.

Report area of study:
Use the attached interview script with SEWA chairman to write (550 words) in the following topic of Knowledge Management:
Level of KM practices in terms of aligning them with organizational strategy and KM functions.

In order to be able to write about the required topic, please, answer the following questions and include the answers in the report:

1. What is SEWA’s vision for integrating KM into its business? And how is it implemented?
2. What are the current and future benchmarks for knowledge use in SEWA?
3. What are the strategies that SEWA is currently following to enhance its skills for generating, acquiring and applying knowledge by learning from the other organization learning processes?
4. How does SEWA systematically assess its future knowledge requirements?

Volume of Report: the group project report should be approximately 2500 words. Because it’s a group project, you will only write my part (550 words) in the mentioned topic above.

Use Tools and Frameworks:
you have been taught or read about, to describe the key issues. You may wish to consider tools and current practices included in the course in commenting on the identified appropriateness and effectiveness.

Discussion and Analysis:
In order to develop an in-depth discussion on KM practices in your study organization and to develop a sound analytical project, please use relevant academic literature in addition to the recommended reading supplied on blackboard

Contribute knowledge through this knowledge project:
In conclusion, justify the contribution of your study project to the contemporary academic body of knowledge and practice. Also, the report should be able to demonstrate three stages of academic/practical analysis:

a) Knowledge: demonstrating that the relevant models and frameworks exist.
b) Understanding: You know what the literature is actually saying.
c) Your ability to apply concepts and frameworks

• The key to success is critical analysis.
• Make specific recommendations, resulting from use of the theory and analysis. Not simple description of what you have seen without thinking about it.
• It is essential that you conduct your analysis making explicit and acknowledged use of the theory.
• Include any graphs and diagrams as well as any statistics that could support the topic (knowledge management in SEWA), because they will be used later for an academic poster presentation.

Bibliography: (please follow the APA style
• Use minimum of 5 references (preferably journals).

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