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Write a 1,500 word essay on the following:

Since the 1970s activists have sought to challenge the construction of dependency and segregation in UK Policy and Practice. Critically evaluate these arguments and effectiveness in shaping contemporary adult social care.

YOU require to:
1. Account for the impact of social and user movements on the development of adult social care policy
2. Identify and assess the role of the state in relation to adult social care at different historical junctures since then to current delivery (Community care deriver system)
3. Distinguish more than one critical perspective in relation to adult social care and evaluate their significance for policy analysis communicating your findings clearly in essay format

You need to consider the following:

1.Explain key issues for groups in receipt of adult social care different generational eras:
2.The historical development of disability and user activism.
3.In what ways does the historical treatment of groups in receipt of adult social care underpin how they are conceptualised and treated contemporary society?

You require providing a brief overview of a number of policy developments relating to dependency and care.
Dont focus on the topic discussing issues relating to a specific social group (i.e. mental health; disability; older adults etc.) as you are required to provide an overview of the history of dependency and care and user movements; you will need to draw on a range of examples. You will need to refer to the 1970s Disabled Peoples Movement as they have been so influential in shaping contemporary approaches to dependency and care.
Remember to include theoretical arguments into the discussion:
Different user movements have different perspectives on the history of dependency and care and how it continues to influence contemporary approaches to services. In particular, PLEASE refer to Michael Olivers politics of disablement. Remember that there are critiques to this position; particularly from Tom Shakespeare.

I have placed a useful resources list to use: Please strongly emphasise that you engage with these sources.

4.More question to answer:
What have been the major changes in public policies aecting disabled peoples lives since the 1940s?
What can we hope to learn from the stories of individual disabled peoples lives that we cannot learn from looking at the bigger picture?
What kinds of concerns are raised by disability research that relies heavily on biographical evidence, and how can these concerns be addressed?

5. The landmarks in policy development what factors account for changes in policy? (as attached,)


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