Kleck, G. (2009). Mass Shootings in Schools: The Worst Possible Case for Gun Control. American Behavioral Scientist, 52 (10), 1447-1464.

Kleck, G. (2009). Mass Shootings in Schools: The Worst Possible Case for Gun Control. American Behavioral Scientist, 52 (10), 1447-1464.
The article is part of the American Behavioral Scientist database. Generally, I find the article highly relevant to my research mainly because the primary topic discussed within this source is that of mass school shootings, and it coincides with my chosen research topic. Also, the article focuses more on the Columbine School shootings which claimed the lives of young and innocent high school students. It is also important to appreciate that this incidence was among the driving forces that necessitated the implementation of the gun control act. Moreover, the article is backed by research gathered from highly credible sources. To further validate findings, the author has made reference on earlier shooting incidences with a view to establishing the possible causes of such atrocities. The author employs a simple language and has constructed ideas as well as arguments that are not only easy to comprehend; but also, the simplicity allows the audiences to draw conclusions with ease.
Twemlow, S. W., Fonagy, P., Sacco, F. C., O’Toole, M. E., & Vernberg, E. (2002). Premeditated mass shootings in schools: Threat assessment. Journal Of The American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 41 (4), 475-477. doi: 10.1097/00004583-200204000-00021

Unlike other articles, this source is centered around how psychiatrists can help in the prevention of premeditated mass school shootings. The Authors acknowledge that in some cases, mass shootings are committed by students from the same school (s). Also, the article profiles the typical gunman in the high school shootings and identify him as one who was not angry, poor nor a failure in class. Equally important, the authors did not establish any possible case of drug abuse by the high school shooters. All these were investigated to establish the psychiatric condition of the shooters and especially the reasons behind their inhuman acts. With a clear focus on establishing the causes or rather reasons behind such shootings, the authors have come up with a criterion for the prevention such atrocities; based on the recommendations made in the article. In a nutshell, the article is very useful in my research topic as it offers a solid research inquiring on the possible reasons motivating the mass school shootings at large.

Duplechain, R, & Morris, R. (2014).School Violence: Reported School Shootings and Making Schools Safer. Education, 135 (2), 145-150.

The chosen source (article) covers statistical analysis of school shootings of between 1760 and 2014. According to the authors, most school shootings in the past years have either been attributed to behaviors that put the schools at the risk of shootings. Such risk factors include bullying, society, family and individuals, past traumas as well as types of relationships. The authors acknowledge that it is paramount for the society and schools to create a safe environment. Most of the information provided herein are highly credible and reliable. The sources used are not more than ten years old. At the same time, the sources are primarily credible websites and journals. The authors employ simple language that is easy to comprehend. Additionally, the article is broken down into various sections whereby each section addresses a different issue relating to mass shootings in schools. The article points out that although school violence will always persist, school staff, faculty, and administrators should not use the same as an excuse to avoid curbing it. I find this article to be highly relevant to my topic of research mainly because it explores on how mass shootings in schools can be controlled as well as how schools can be made safer. It also explores the past incidences of mass shootings in schools which is relevant topic in the contemporary society.

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